Main course

Swedish Classics

Classic Swedish Potato Pancake  - 130 kr

Fried dry salted pork with lingonberry jam. 


Meatballs - 135 kr 

Homemade meatballs with cream sauce and lingonberry.                                                          

Chicken in hot curry sauce
- 140 kr 

Served with rice & mango chutney.                                          


Reindeer shavings with chanterelle mushrooms - 145 kr

Served with mashed potatoes & lingonberry.


Jesse's Wallenbergare - 140 kr

 Jesse's classic veal burger served with mashed potatoes,  tarragon butter, lingonberry & peas.


Cured Salmon - 145 kr 

Served with dill creamed potatoes & lemon.


Fresh Salmon fillet with chanterelle mushroom sauce - 170 kr
Served with potatoes, lemon and dill. 


Saffron scented Fish stew (salmon, cod and shrimp) - 175 kr

Served with boiled potatoes, garlic bread and rouille.


Jesses classic Fish plank - 198 kr

Pike-perch topped with lobster sauce or gorgonzola sauce and roe.


 Patents - 155 kr

 Sirloin steak on toast with bearnaise, tomato & lettuce topped with fried egg.


Shoemaker's Box - 170 kr

140 gr. beef fillet with homemade mashed potatoes, bacon and parsley butter.


Minute Steak - 170 kr

Served with béarnaise & french fries.

Grilled Chicken breast - 175 kr

Served with mushrooms, crispy bacon & red wine sauce.


Stuffed minute Steak - 180 kr

Cheese, dijon mustard, sour cream and chopped onions on a bed of red wine sauce.


Biff à la Jesse - 180 kr

Sirloin steak on bed of leek, served with horseradish butter and bearnaise.


Jesse's classic planked Steak - 185 kr

Sirloin steak surrounded by homemade mashed potatoes on oak plank, served with cheese &
bacon topped with tomato and our tasty sauce béarnaise.


Wiener Schnitzel - 210 kr

Breaded veal tenderloin served with anchovy butter, capers & peas.


Fillet of Veal Oscar - 210 kr

Fillet of veal on a bed of red wine sauce with green asparagus, crayfish tail and bearnaise.

Pepper Steak - 220 kr

Sauce of three kinds of peppercorns, cream & cognac.


Bacon-wrapped Beef Tenderloin skewer with four different sauces - 225 kr

Served with the following sauces; chanterells, garlic, red wine and béarnaise.


Served with your choice of potatoes: potato gratin, potato wedges, french fries, fried /boiled potatoes or fried vegetables/salad.


Spaghetti Bolognese - 125 kr
Home made meat sauce with spaghetti & parmesan cheese.

Seafood tagliatelle - 140 kr

Prawn & crayfish tail come together in a saffron & cognac cream sauce.


The house special pasta  - 160 kr

Sliced beef, leek & fresh mushrooms in a spicy cream sauce.


Spinach pasta - 140 kr

Creamy spinach and gorgonzola sauce with tagliatelle and fresh herbs.                            


Tzay skewers (vegan soy meat) - 160 kr

Served with potato wedges, your choice of sauce & lemon.


Bearnaise Sauce - 15 kr             Garlic Butter - 10 kr       

Chanterelle Sauce - 15 kr         Anchovy Butter - 10 kr

Pepper Sauce - 15 kr                Horseradish Butter - 10 kr

Red Wine Sauce - 15 kr          Parsley Butter - 10 kr

Rouille - 10 kr                         Tarragon Butter - 10 kr

Garlic Dressing - 15 kr            Appetizer Salad - 15 kr                     

French Fries - 15 kr                 Fried Vegetables - 35 kr

Potato wedges - 15 kr